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Darbasanam - 2.5 x 2 Feet | Pooja Aasan for Meditation

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Experience the comfort of the Darb or Kush Asan – an essential mat for sacred rituals, meditation, and pooja. Crafted from authentic kusha grass, this Asan embodies the profound connection between spirituality and tradition.

Designed to elevate your worship experiences, the Darb or Kush Asan is purposefully constructed for the Pujari, the revered ritual performer, as well as those seeking serenity in meditation. It is a fitting offering to priests and conductors of rituals during pivotal ceremonies.

Whether it's the Naandi before a thread ceremony or marriage, the solemn Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya observances, or the Shrardha on Amavasya, this Asan encapsulates the sanctity of each occasion.

Choose from several sizes and a variety of formats, including the versatile two-sided and four-sided stitched designs. Each Asan exudes authenticity and cultural significance, infusing your rituals and meditation practices with a tangible link to time-honored customs.

Elevate your spiritual endeavors with the Darb or Kush Asan, a cherished emblem of devotion, meditation, and the enduring thread that ties you to sacred traditions.