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Coconut Stick | White Metal Kalash Coconut Stick for Varalakshmi Decor/ 20 Gms Approx

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0.005 inch

2 inch

0.005 inch


• The kalasam, which is a sacred vessel made of brass, copper, or silver that is used in various rituals and ceremonies and worship of deities, is filled with water, topped with coconut, mango, or banana leaves, and decorated with flowers and other offerings.

• The White Metal Kalash stick, which is more popularly known as the vetrilai kodi, is a thin metal stick which is inserted into the coconut through the leaves and placed on top of the kalasam.

• It offers a good support for the symbolic flowers and coconut on top of the kalasam while maintaining a traditional appearance. The Kalasam is an integral part of puja and decorating it is equal to pleasing the Gods.

• This stick is a variation that is long and has a circular holder in the middle.