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Coco Pole - 5 Feet | Coir Pole/ Coconut Pole/ Coir Pole for Plants

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5 inch


• With our Coco Pole flower pot stand/flower stand, you can cultivate climbing plants with elegance and sustainability with thw pot stand. These poles provide a robust and environmentally responsible support system for your green friends indoors or out.

• Our Eco-Friendly Coco Poles pot stand reduce your carbon footprint while improving your garden because they are made from renewable coconut coir fibres. The flower pot stand/flower standsupport that the dense and fibrous structure of the coco pole offers climbing plants enables them to grow tall and robust without fear of toppling over.

• The Coco coir moss stick promotes healthy root development and ensures that your plants receive the necessary moisture to thrive because of its exceptional moisture retention qualities. The Coco coir moss stick is easy to install; just bury it in the ground near your garden bed or potted plant and observe how it blends in perfectly.