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Cloth Mala - 22 Inches | Artificial Flower Mala/ Satin Mala for Photo Frame

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3 inch

22 inch

3 inch


Puja decor is now made super easy, with our exquisite Flower Garland, a beautiful and traditional accessory perfect for enhancing the ambiance of Hindu rituals. Handcrafted with care, this realistic cloth garland adds a touch of elegance and devotion to your religious ceremonies and auspicious occasions.

Product Features:

• Our Cloth Flower Garland is crafted from high-quality cloth material, ensuring durability and longevity. The use of premium fabric gives the garland a soft and natural appearance, resembling real flowers.

• The garland features a vibrant assortment of colors, including hues of yellow, orange, white, and pink. These colours are reminiscent of the vibrant floral decorations commonly used in Hindu puja rituals, symbolizing purity, devotion, and auspiciousness.

• The Cloth Flower Garland is lightweight and easy to handle, making it convenient for draping and arranging during puja rituals. It can be effortlessly hung around deities, pictures of deities, or other sacred spaces, instantly adding a decorative touch.

• In addition to puja rituals, the Cloth Flower Garland can be used for various festive occasions, such as weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies. It adds a festive and traditional touch to your decor, creating an atmosphere of joy and spiritual significance.

• Unlike fresh flower garlands that wilt over time, our Cloth Flower Garland retains its beauty and freshness, allowing you to reuse it for multiple occasions. Since it has no fragrance, it also does not pose the risk of triggering allergies. It serves as a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to real flower garlands.

• The presence of flower garlands is believed to invoke the blessings of deities and create a sacred environment during puja rituals. The Cloth Flower Garland embodies the essence of natural flowers, symbolizing devotion, purity, and offering heartfelt prayers to the divine.