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Buddha Statue - 3.5 x 3 Inches | Buddha Murti/ Buthar Statue for Car

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Width Height Depth Weight

3 inch

3.5 inch

3 inch


Illuminate your car dashboard with serene energy using our Solar Buddha Statue, available in assorted colors. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this miniature Buddha statue harnesses solar power to bring a peaceful and calming ambiance to your car interior.

Key features of the Solar Buddha Statue for Car Dashboard:

• The statue features a small solar panel that powers an LED light, creating a gentle glow around the Buddha figure.

• Choose from a variety of colors to suit your preference or match your car's interior decor.

• Designed to fit conveniently on your car dashboard without obstructing your view.

• The Buddha symbolizes peace, tranquility, and enlightenment. Having a Solar Buddha Statue in your car creates a serene atmosphere during your journeys.

• Simply place the statue on your car dashboard, and it will absorb sunlight during the day to illuminate softly at night.

Enhance your driving experience with the soothing presence of the Solar Buddha Statue. Let its gentle glow remind you to stay calm and centered during your travels. The assorted colors allow you to personalize your car's interior with a touch of spirituality and mindfulness.