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Brass Plate - 9.5 Inches | Shankh Plate/ Thali Plate/ Pooja Plate for Home/ 52 Gms Approx

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9.5 inch

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9.5 inch


This Brass Fancy Plate/Thamboolam is a beautifully crafted piece designed to add elegance and charm to your traditional ceremonies and auspicious occasions. Made with high-quality brass, this plate combines intricate craftsmanship with functionality, making it a perfect accessory for offering and serving thamboolam (auspicious gifts) in a sophisticated manner.

Product Features:

• This Thamboolam showcases a stunning design that blends traditional patterns with contemporary aesthetics. The plate features an ornate border, creating a visually captivating piece that reflects the richness of Indian culture.

• Crafted from premium brass, this plate is durable & long-lasting. It can withstand regular use during various auspicious occasions and ceremonies, or while offering vetrilai paaku or snacks to guests.

• This pooja plate serves a dual purpose, making it a versatile accessory for various occasions. It can be used to present thamboolam, which typically includes items like betel leaves, betel nuts, turmeric, kumkum, and sweets, symbolizing hospitality and good wishes. Additionally, the plate can also be used for serving snacks, fruits, or dry fruits during religious rituals or festive celebrations.

• It offers ample space for arranging the items neatly, while still maintaining a comfortable weight that is easy to handle and pass around during ceremonies or gatherings.

• The act of offering thamboolam is deeply rooted in Indian culture and signifies hospitality, respect, and goodwill. By using the Brass Fancy Plate/Thamboolam, you can uphold these traditions and add a touch of grace and sophistication to your ceremonial rituals.

• This Brass Fancy pooja Plate/Thamboolam makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for weddings, housewarmings, religious ceremonies, or any auspicious occasion.

• Enhance the elegance of your traditional ceremonies and auspicious occasions with the Brass Fancy Plate/Thamboolam.