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Brass Kumkum Pot - 1.75 x 2 Inches | Sindoor Pot/ Kumkum Bharani for Home/ 40 Gms Approx

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2 inch

1.75 inch


Kumkum has been a symbol of prosperity in Hindu tradition for a long time. The bright red colour of the powder offers protection of the pineal gland on the forehead, one of the most sensitive chakras located in the body. Ladies apply kumkum between the hair partition as a symbol of marriage, and it is used as a pottu as well.


• The kumkum pot is made from brass sheet; very light and easy to handle. The lid of the box secures the kumkum content inside the box well and avoids spilling of the same.

• It is useful for inviting guests for various occasions - like navratri, nombu etc. Can also be given as a beautiful gift.

• Simple yet elegant, this kunguma chimizh has a small bulging design, and comes with a lid to protect the contents from insects.

• Offer it as a part of vetrilai pakku as a way to honour guests.