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Brass Hand Cymbals - 2.5 Inches | Manjira Taal/ Talam with Rope Bhajan/ Jalra for Kirtan/ 115 Gms

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0.005 inch

2.5 inch

0.005 inch


Since ancient times, followers of Lord Krishna have played these exquisitely crafted manjeera cymbals. All bhajans that have emerged from Hinduism use the high-pitched percussion sound that they produce. Indian folk music heavily uses the instrument manjira. It is also referred to as manjeera, tala, tallam, jalra, khartal, nattuvangam and kartal. The main purpose of manjira is to accompany Indian Gods' aartis. Brass Nattuvangam/Tallam/Jalra/Manjira is a small cymbal instrument that produces a type of music that accompanies Bharatanatyam and other South Indian classical dance forms. It is also a vital part of many Bhajans and similar sloka recitals that depend on rhythm, and adds a touch of classical elegance to it.

Product Features:

• Made of brass and is durable. Easy to maintain.

• It is played by holding the rope in the hands and striking the plates against each other, creating a percussive sound that adds to the music and enhances the dance performance.

• With a Nattuvangam, the dancer and the nattuvangam player work in synchronisation to create a dynamic and engaging performance.

• This quality Nattuvangam helps set the rhythm and tempo, and creates additional percussive sounds that add a layer of complexity, beauty and excitement to the dance or bhajan performance.

• The combination of music, dance, and catchy percussive sounds creates rich and vibrant performances that will be enjoyed by audiences from all around the world.

• This Brass Tallam set is created with utmost care, and produces high quality sonorous rings to set your tempo/rhythm. Explore more Brass Handicrafts at Giri online.