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Brass Elephant - 2 Inch | Antique Finish Trunk up Feng Shui Statue/ Showpiece for Home/ 250 Grams

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In Vastu, elephants with their trunks up are recommended for financial gains. They are also great energy cleaners. Elephants with their trunks up symbolise good luck and wisdom and are thought to attract good fortune. Elephants represent strength.
Product Features:
* This lucky figurine set of elephant statues is made of high-quality brass, which is an excellent corrosive resistant material. It has a timeless design.
* They are excellent decorative pieces that are made to last a lifetime.
* Many Feng Shui practitioners believe that elephants with their trunks facing upward represent prosperity.
* This lucky figurine of elephants with their trunks up is crafted with minute attention to detail and mesmerising patterns throughout the body.
* It has high polishing and finishing characteristics, which makes the figurines extremely durable. It is easy to clean.
* You can place elephants at the entry door to invite in this positive energy.
* This Brass Elephant enhance the decor value of the house, office, hotel, temple, etc. This makes the set ideal to give as a gift on various occasions.