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Brahma Soothiram Oar Eliya Arimugam - Tamil | by Sujatha, S. Rajagopalan/ Fictional Book

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Sujatha & S Rajagopalan

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The Brahma Sutra is a collection of brief statements that make reference to the Vedanta, or the final truth of the Upanishads, in an effort to determine what is truly "Brahman." It is unrelated to any deity, such as Shiva, Vishnu, or Brahma. The short phrases in the Padarayana text, which explore the ultimate truth of the universe, its source, its genesis, human creation, life, and the soul, are extremely difficult to understand without explanation.

The first chapter of this book provides a thorough overview of the Brahma Sutra. You can read the following news items here. Many expressed their admiration for our extraordinary bravery during the nearly two years that this series of essays was published in Kumudam Bhakti. They said their goodbyes when they met. "I don't quite understand, but we are still studying," stated a few individuals. We gain a thorough understanding of the sutras if we are introduced to them all. The Brahma Sutra's aim will then gradually become clear to us. That is how, as we explore these sutras step by step, they make sense to us.

The Brahma Sutras pose extremely simple questions. What caused the cosmos to come into being? Who created it? How did we change over time? What occurs to us once we pass away? What is the process of reincarnation? What is Moksha? The most significant work that makes a daring attempt to address each of these issues is the Brahma Sutra. The idea that all that is written in the Vedas is true is where it starts.

The sutras have been interpreted in a variety of ways since they are gem abbreviations. For this reason, numerous sages have recorded diverse interpretations of these sutras in writing. Many people have given addresses, starting with Sankara, Bhaskar, Ramanujar, Mathwar, Srikander, Nimparkar, Sripati, Vallabh, Sukar, Baladeva, and ending with Dr. Radhakrishnan yesterday.

We have written an introduction, not an envelope. It was composed with the background knowledge of Ramanuja's Sribhashyam and Shankara's commentary. We have discussed Mathwar's opinions a little. You should first be aware of the distinctions between these three brilliant individuals.

The goal of this attempt is to convey to the readers the tone of the text rather than our limited grasp of Sanskrit. - Sujata


Sujata has made a lasting impact in a variety of media, including plays, novels, short stories, essays, science books, poems, and television dramas.

S. Rajagopalan: The brother of author Sujatha, he is the retired Chairman of MDNL.