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Bobble Head Hanuman Statue - 5 x 2 Inches | Anjaneya Statue for Car Dashboard Decor

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SKU 601023
Width Height Depth Weight

2 inch

5 inch

2.5 inch


• Give a charming decor to your space with our Bobble Head Hanuman Figurine – a unique and lively representation of the revered deity, Lord Hanuman, in a playful and engaging form.

• This intricately crafted figurine captures the essence of devotion and brings a touch of joy to any space. The Bobble Head Hanuman Figurine is carefully designed with attention to detail, showcasing the revered monkey god in a dynamic and animated pose.

• The bobble head feature adds an element of fun, creating a lively and interactive display. With a gentle touch, the head of Lord Hanuman gracefully bobbles, adding a whimsical charm to this spiritual and decorative piece.

• Crafted with quality materials, this figurine is not only a symbol of faith but also a delightful addition to your home or altar. The vibrant colors and fine detailing contribute to a visually stunning representation of Hanuman, making it a perfect centerpiece for worship or as a unique decor item.

• Whether you are a devotee seeking a sacred addition to your spiritual space or someone looking for a distinctive and meaningful gift, the Bobble Head Hanuman Figurine is a blend of tradition, artistry, and playfulness, inviting blessings and positive energy into your surroundings.