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Amman Saree - 6 Yards | Cutting Butta Pattu Devi Dress/ Mata Poshak for Deity/ Assorted Colour

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The amman saree, or sari, is a traditional Indian saree that is frequently worn during religious events and festivals, especially in south India. It's also known as a "Devi saree" or a "Kolu saree," and it typically has complex silk or cotton fabric patterns and decorations with jari or zari borders. The Amman saree is often draped in a particular way to show reverence to the Goddesses since it is seen as a sign of purity and divinity. It is frequently worn on special occasions like weddings and other religious ceremonies, as well as during Hindu festivals like Navratri and Diwali.

This vibrant green Amman saree acts as the best costume for any Amman Deity at any place, especially during Amman pooja. This Amman pattu pavadai sattai is mainly used in the temples for Swamy Alankaram. The appearance of the Amman skirt will fulfil the devotees' eyes with its vibrant rosy pink colour and soft texture

Put to good use of Amman Saree

•In Hinduism, worshipping Amman, the heavenly mother, is seen as a highly respected and potent ritual. So, presenting the Goddess with her rich garments would bring enormous blessings to the devotees.

Blessings in worshipping the Deity Amman

•Amman is revered as a kind Deity who bestows strength and safety on her followers. She is also said to bestow prosperity, health, and general well-being upon those who follow her.

•It is said that Amman worship encourages spiritual development by fostering a closer relationship between the worshipper and the divine. Devotees can develop inner tranquilly, love, and devotion by meditating on Amman and concentrating on her holy characteristics.

•Amman is revered as a strong divinity who may aid followers in overcoming hardships and difficulties in life. Devotees can find the power and fortitude to confront any challenges that may occur by asking for her blessings and direction.