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Abhirami Andadi & Abhirami Padigam - Tamil | Stotra Book/ Hindu Religious Book

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• Abhirami Andadi, a sacred treasure in Tamil literature, stands as an exceptional piece of Hindu devotional literature.

• Comprising numerous Andadis, it elevates the soul through its divine verses.

• This devotional masterpiece is dedicated to the venerable Goddess Abhirami, with each Andadi weaving a melodic tapestry of adoration from the opening verse to the final hymn.

• This poetry was composed by Abirami Bhattar who lived during the 18th century CE, a contemporary to Serfoji I of Tanjore.

• The rhythmic cadence and profound lyrics create a spiritual journey, guiding the reader through the depths of devotion and reverence for Goddess Abhirami.

• As a testament to its significance, Abhirami Andadi is celebrated not only for its literary brilliance but also for the spiritual resonance it imparts to those who immerse themselves in its verses.

• It stands as a beacon of devotion, echoing the timeless sentiments of love and faith towards the divine.

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