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Varahi Idol - 5 Inches | Marble Dust Material/ Barahi Statue for Home/ Gifts/ Gold Finish

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• This Varahi Amman Statue is a stunning depiction of the Hindu Goddess of Power, protection and wisdom.
• The Hindu Goddess Varahi Amman is the unique avatar of Goddess Lalithambikai. Goddess Varahi Amman is one of the Matrikas, with the head of a swine and eight hands.
• Varahi Amman is one of a group of seven Mother Goddesses in the form of Shakthi, or "power," who symbolizes the feminine aspect of the all-pervading power of creation.
• It is believed that worshipping the Varahi amman idol provides success, health, lasting money, renown, and power.
• This varahi amman idol is usually adorned with intricate jewellery, clothing, and other decorative elements, making it a beautiful and meaningful addition to any space.
• Varahi Devi is often depicted in her traditional form with the face of a boar and the body of a woman, holding various weapons in her eight hands. This varahi statue show her in a dynamic pose, with intricate detailing that highlights her fierce and powerful nature.
• The serene expression on the face of Goddess Varahi statue is sure to bring a sense of calm and tranquilly to any space it is placed in.
• This Varahi amman statue removes negativity and bad vibrations from your house and gives you wealth and all the goodness you need in life.
• The varahi idol is meticulously carved from high-quality Marble dust, known for its durability.
• This Varahi idol can also be given to friends and family during spiritual functions and celebrations such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, and so on.