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Thombai Set - 5 Feet | 2 Pcs/ Satin Cloth Temple Thombai/ Thombai for Temple Decoration

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5 inch


• Thombai Set is indeed a traditional and ornamental accessory used in various religious and cultural settings in India, especially in South India. These are often used for Decoration during temple chariot (Kovil Ther) festivals and other temple ceremonies.

• This traditional form is made with satin, hence being washable and reusable. This thombai navaratri decor has cylindrical and has brush-like, soft, flowy endings.

• Thombai thoranam sets typically consist of two pieces of cloth or decorative items that dangle from a central point. These pieces are often adorned with intricate designs, vibrant colours, floral, bird (peacock, swan, parrot), and elephant designs, decorated with designer lace or zari borders.

• During temple festivals, you'll often see Thombai sets hanging from the sides of chariots or from the ceilings of temple halls. As the chariot or procession moves, these sets sway gracefully, creating a mesmerising visual and auditory experience.

• Thombai sets are also used as decorative elements in South Indian weddings. They are hung at the entrance, around the wedding stage, and in various areas to add a traditional and colourful touch to the celebrations.

• This ornamental item is also used for decorating entrances and doorways during house warming, as Ganpati background decoration, Diwali, Navaratri, pujas, religious ceremonies, and cultural programmes.

• Elevate your Navaratri celebrations with the decorative Thombai set. Order now and enjoy the timeless elegance and spiritual energy it brings to your life.