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Tevaram Tirumurai Parayana Tirattu - Tamil | Stotra Book/ Hindu Religious Book

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• Immerse yourself in the divine verses of Tevaram Tirumurai with the "Parayana Tirattu," a Tamil book that brings together the sacred hymns and devotional poetry of the Tevaram Tirumurai.

• Authored with devotion and reverence, this book serves as a spiritual guide for those seeking solace and connection through the verses of the renowned Tamil saints.

• The devotional book compiles the sacred hymns and devotional songs from the Tevaram Tirumurai, a significant collection of Tamil Saivite devotional poetry dedicated to Lord Shiva.

• "Parayana Tirattu" refers to the sacred verses and hymns that are recited or chanted during devotional practices.

• This Hindu spiritual book presents a curated selection of these verses for spiritual contemplation and recitation.

• Explore the divine verses written by the revered Tamil saints, including Appar, Sundarar, and Manickavacakar.

• These verses express deep devotion, surrender, and praise for Lord Shiva, contributing to the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Tamil literature.

• The "Parayana Tirattu" serves as a spiritual guide, offering readers a pathway to connect with the divine through the devotional expressions of the saints.

• The verses convey profound spiritual insights and the essence of devotion.

• The book is presented in Tamil, the language in which the Tevaram Tirumurai was originally composed.

• This preserves the authenticity and cultural richness of the devotional poetry.

• The book is thoughtfully presented, making it a cherished addition to personal libraries, temples, and cultural institutions.

• The clear Tamil script ensures readability and understanding.

• Embark on a spiritual journey with the "Tevaram Tirumurai Parayana Tirattu" Tamil book.

• Immerse yourself in the devotional verses of the Tevaram Tirumurai, allowing the sacred words to resonate with your heart and deepen your connection with the divine.