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Siva Ragasiyam - Tamil | by Indra Soundarrajan/ Fictional Book

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Thirumagal Nilayam

Indira Soundararajan

5.5 inch

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Soft Bound

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• Introducing "Siva Ragasiyam," a captivating Tamil novel by renowned author Indra Soundarrajan. This high-quality edition brings to life the mystical world of Lord Shiva and weaves an intriguing tale filled with secrets and mysteries.

• In "Siva Ragasiyam," Indra Soundarrajan showcases his exceptional storytelling skills, taking readers on a thrilling journey through ancient scriptures, divine encounters, and the hidden realms of spirituality.

• This tamil novel book delves deep into the enigmatic aspects of Lord Shiva's persona, exploring his divine powers, symbolism, and significance in mythology.

• With its high-quality printing and superior craftsmanship, this edition of "Siva Ragasiyam" offers an immersive reading experience. The book features an exquisite cover design and is printed on premium paper, ensuring durability and visual appeal.

• Indra Soundarrajan's mastery of language and narrative creates an engaging and thought-provoking experience for readers.

• Whether you are a fan of mythology, spirituality, or simply enjoy well-crafted novels, "Siva Ragasiyam" promises to keep you hooked from beginning to end.

• Immerse yourself in the divine world of Lord Shiva with "Siva Ragasiyam," a high-quality Tamil novel that combines enchanting storytelling with rich cultural and spiritual insights.

• This tamil book is a treasure for literature enthusiasts and a valuable addition to any collection of Tamil novels.