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Ravana Humbled - An Arrogant King Finds New Friends - English | by A. Saraswati/ Story Book

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A. Saraswati

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•A well-known Hindu narrative describes the Goddess Saraswati bringing down the demon king of Lanka, Ravana.

•Ravana was a renowned musician and scholar who was also noted for his haughtiness and sense of intellectual superiority, according to tradition. He once learned about a person named A. Saraswati who was more intelligent and successful than he was. Ravana was fascinated and made the decision to go see her.

•When he got there, Ravana urged A. Saraswati to participate in a knowledge competition by responding to his questions. A. Saraswati answered by posing a series of queries to Ravana, which the latter was unable to respond to. Ravana got more and more angry and embarrassed as the game went on.

•Finally, A. Saraswati posed a query to Ravana that he was unable to respond to, and out of rage and frustration, he made an effort to slash her with his sword. Ravana was left alone and humbled when A. Saraswati merely smiled and vanished.

•The tale of Ravana and A. Saraswati is frequently seen as a cautionary tale about the perils of hubris and haughtiness. It is also seen as a celebration of learning, discernment, and the divine feminine's strength.