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Ramayana - English | by Kamala Subramaniam/ Purana Book

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Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan

Kamala Subramaniam

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•Indian novelist and translator Kamala Subramaniam is the author of the book "Ramayana".

•A rendition of the Hindu classic "Ramayana," which chronicles the tale of Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, and his mission to save his wife Sita from the demonic ruler Ravana, is presented in the book.

•The "Ramayana" retelling by Subramaniam is renowned for its clarity and approachability, making the narrative understandable to a larger audience.

•While also including useful annotations and explanations of the cultural and historical context, her translation of the text is authentic to the original.

•A key classic in Hinduism, the "Ramayana" has had a significant impact on Indian culture and ideas. It is renowned for its rich storytelling, poetic language, and moral and ethical precepts.

•For anybody interested in the "Ramayana" and its role in Indian literature and culture, "Ramayana" by Kamala Subramaniam is a great resource.

•The book, which is regarded as a classic in and of itself, has contributed to making this significant text more well known.