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Parvathi Gnana Paal Clay Golu Bommai - 6 x 6.25 Inches | Giri Golu Doll/ Navaratri Golu Bomma/Gombe/Bommai

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• The Parvathi Gnanapaal Golu Set is unique in that it depicts scenes from the story of Goddess Parvati appearing in person and feeding Sambandhar with the Gnanapaal wisdom of milk. 
• One popular and divine set for the Golu display is the "Parvati Gnanapaal" set, which features dolls of Goddess Parvati and Tirugnanasambandar.
• Golu doll is used in a figurine festival held in South India during Navaratri and Dussehra. It is a set of steps decorated with bommais of all shapes and sizes to tell a story about a Hindu or secular cultural issue. Every Kolu needs a refreshing twist with beautiful handmade kolu dolls. 
• According to legend: when Sambandar was three years old, he went to the sacred temple tank at Sirkazhi. When his father went into the tank for a bath, the child, missing his parents, gave out a loud devotional shout. Pleased with his call, Lord Shiva directed Parvathi to feed him milk. It was when his father inquired about the drops of milk on his lips that Sambandar pointed to the sky and rendered verses in praise of the Lord.
• Parvathi Gnanapaal set is a traditional Kolu doll crafted with clay. 
• Decorate your Kolu Padi with this unique collection of Golu dolls for this Navarathri from Giri. 
• This golu bommai is an ideal present for festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, and housewarming.
• This golu bommai set stands apart from usual kolu bommai sets because it is painted in vivid, rich colors with a different composition and definition.