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Once Upon a Time Thousands of Years Ago - English | by Yamuna Harshavardhana/ Book About Mahabharata/ Itihas

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Yamuna Harshavardhan

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As one of the two​ defining​ itihasas of Bharat:

The first and older one being Ramayana – ​Mahabharata has ​a grandeur that is unsurpassed and perennially ​unique. The multi-layered characters and plots, brilliantly portrayed by Veda Vyasa, have continued to mesmerise millennia of generations. The lofty grandsire Bhisma, the boy-warrior Abhimanyu, the humiliated Draupadi, the self-blinded Gandhari, the fiery Drona, the righteous Pandavas and their very own cousins, the scheming Kauravas, their many family members, friends and allies, with the incidents that interweave their lives make for the physical body of the Mahabharata. The eternal value of the work comes from the guiding wisdom of Sri Krsna. This set of fifty stories is perhaps the first time that an attempt is made to focus on a psychology-based understanding of the stories, portraying the many characters of the Mahabharata in varied situations. Along with the well-recognised Bhagavad Gita, there are other sources of deep insight that are embedded within the Mahabharata: Yaksa Prasna, Vidura niti and Bhisma Upadesa - all the latter three have been touched upon in this book. This is also perhaps the first time that the IAST code of pronunciation has been used in a book of stories which is meant to help the readers, young and old, to grasp the Sanskrit pronunciation while reading in English.  The stories are written in simple language and in a concise manner, the aim being to drive the message through while at the same time leaving ample space to contemplate and introspect. The illustrations help to enliven the reader’s imagery while reading the stories.