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Macha Yantram - 3 x 3 Inches | Sanskrit/ Macha Yantra/ Copper Yantra for Pooja

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3 inch

3 inch


• The Machcham Yantram in copper is a sacred and revered Yantra, an ancient geometric diagram believed to hold spiritual significance and mystical properties in Hinduism.
• The term "Machcham Yantram" refers to a Yantra associated with Lord Matsya, the fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
• Experience the divine energies and protection with our Machcham Yantram meticulously crafted in copper.
• This sacred Yantra, representing Lord Matsya, the divine fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is a symbol of preservation, salvation, and spiritual awakening.
• The Machcham Yantra features an intricate geometric design etched into pure copper, known for its auspicious and conductive properties.
• The sacred geometry and patterns are believed to invoke the blessings of Lord Matsya, providing a shield of protection and guiding individuals through life's turbulent waters.
• The copper material adds to its allure and elegance, making it a captivating addition to your sacred space, whether it be your home altar or temple.
• Let this Yantra be a source of strength, protection, and spiritual growth on your journey towards enlightenment and well-being.
• Place the Machcham Yantram in Copper in your sacred space and feel the powerful energies it radiates, enveloping you in the divine grace of Lord Matsya, the preserver and protector.