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Giri Javvadu Powder | Javadhu Scented Powder/ Pooja Fragrance

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Javadhu is an unique blend of pure sandalwood powder, sandal oil, natural herbs, flower extracts and spices. A traditionally blended natural perfume powder is simple to use. Mix it with a few drops of water or rose water to make a paste and apply directly to the body.
Benefits and features:
• The herbal nature of Javvadhu powder resists body odour and sweat caused by the germs in the skin and does not leave any residue in the skin.
• During worship, yoga, pranayama, and meditation, the soothing aroma of Javvadu heightens the spiritual sense of the mind.
• The Fragrance of Javadhu evokes mental harmony which makes our Aura more effective during our Yoga and Meditation sessions. It enhances deep breath and helps us during Yoga and Pranayama.
• Unlike artificial perfumes, Javadhu powder doesn't cause any irritation, keeping the body cool and the mind relaxed throughout the day.
• The compact packaging of the javvadu makes it convenient to bring with you wherever you go.