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Herbal Agal Deepam - 12 Pcs | Lamp/ Diya/ Vilakku for Pooja

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Agal Dheepams have usually made up of clay; these lamps are filled with oil—suh as sesame or coconut oil—and a cotton wick. Agal Dheepams has various names in India like Lamps, Diyas, Samai, Vilakku, and so on. They are lit during religious activities such as puja (worship) as a representation of the holy light and as an offering to the Gods.

Benefits and features of Herbal Agal Dheepam

•To give the oil in the lamp a fragrant aroma, herbal powders or other natural materials may occasionally be added.

• Some individuals, for instance, add saffron, camphor, or other aromatic plants to the lamp's oil.

•This can improve the ceremony's spiritual mood and promote calmness.

•The aromatic nature of herbs would bring a vivid faith on pujas.