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Hair Flower Set - 12 Inches | Hair Bun Accessories/ Artificial Flower Gajra for Deity/ Assorted Colours

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12 inch


• The Cloth Head Accessory for God statues / Gajra is a perfect accessory for adorning deities, enhancing Varalakshmi decorations, and adding elegance to your hairdos. This beautifully crafted gajra is designed to elevate your style and create a captivating aura.

• The Cloth Head Accessory ensures a substantial presence when worn or used for deity decoration. This size strikes a balance between elegance and practicality.

• Each fabric is carefully selected and arranged to create a vibrant visual appeal.

• The Cloth Head Accessory is an ideal choice for adorning deities during auspicious occasions or enhancing Varalakshmi decorations.

• The Cloth Head Accessory can be elegantly wrapped around a bun or incorporated into various hairstyles like Juda Buns, enhancing the beauty of Amman.

• The Cloth Head Accessory Hair Gajra is designed for effortless usage. It comes with a flexible base that allows for easy adjustment and secure placement. You can easily attach it to your hair or use it to adorn deities without any hassle.

• Whether it's a festive celebration, wedding, religious ceremony, Amman Puja, or any special event, this Cloth Head Accessory for God is an ideal choice to enhance the ambiance and elevate your overall look. It adds a touch of traditional charm and elegance to any occasion.

• Please handle the gajra with care to maintain its shape and beauty over time. Avoid exposing it to excessive moisture or direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

• Make a divine statement and embrace the elegance of our God Arch Design / Hair Flower Gajra. With its exquisite design and versatile usage, it's sure to become a cherished accessory for deity decoration, Varalakshmi decor, hair styling, and more.