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Golden Paduka - 2.75 x 2.5 Inches | Krishna Charan Paduka/ Golden Padham for Pooja

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Width Height Depth Weight

2.5 inch

2.75 inch

2.5 inch


• Decorate your Krishna Jayanthi celebrations with our enchanting Krishna charan Paadam .
• Add a touch of divine beauty and elegance to your puja setup with this intricately designed Paadam Sticker featuring the divine footprints of Lord Krishna. Crafted with utmost attention to detail, the sticker captures the essence of Krishna's divine presence and symbolizes his grace and blessings.
• The Paadam is made from high-quality velvet, ensuring durability and long-lasting adhesion. It can be easily applied to various surfaces, including puja altars, walls, doors, or any other desired location, instantly enhancing the spiritual ambiance of your home.
• The symbolic representation of Lord Krishna's footprints in the Paadam holds great significance in Krishna Jayanthi celebrations.
• It signifies the divine footsteps of Lord Krishna entering your home, bringing love, joy, and prosperity. It serves as a reminder of his presence and serves as a focal point for devotion and worship.
• Embrace the divine energy of Lord Krishna with our exquisite Paadam and let it create a sacred space for your Krishna Jayanthi puja. It not only adds a visual charm to your decorations but also serves as a spiritual reminder of the divine grace and blessings bestowed upon you.
• Make your Krishna Jayanthi celebrations truly special and memorable with our captivating Lord Krishna Paduka.
• Experience the divine presence of Lord Krishna as you adorn your surroundings with this sacred symbol, inviting his divine blessings and creating an atmosphere of devotion and spirituality.