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Giri Vettiver - 50 Gms | Organic Vetiver Root/ Khus Khus/ Aromatic Roots/ Vetiveria Zizanioides

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• Meenakshi vetiver is considered one of the most beneficial roots and is used in various forms. The fragrance of the dried grass makes it ideal for puja and homam (havan) during prayers.

• Paired with water, it provides the ultimate refreshing feeling, especially on a hot summer's day.

• Meenakshi Vettiver is known for its qualities as a stress-buster aroma and its medicinal properties when used externally. Vettiver has calming and cooling properties that help regulate body temperature and provide heat protection.

• Vettiver root is believed to have purifying properties and is sometimes used to sprinkle holy water or milk on the idols and the puja space.

• Vetiver roots are used for many traditional purposes on auspicious occasions such as festivals, yagnas, yaagas, and homas.

• Vettiver root is used to make garlands. Vetiver has a pleasant and earthy fragrance that is believed to purify the environment and create a positive aura. It is often used as a natural air freshener by sprinkling its roots on the floor or burning it as incense.