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Giri Turmeric Powder | Haldi Powder/ Yellow Colour/ Manjal Thool for Pooja

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Turmeric (manjal or haldi), one of the ashta mangala items, is a must in every ritual for development and growth (para Karyam). This pack contains kizhangu manjal thool powder, which can be used along with Vetrilai pakku during Navaratri days and other offerings. Turmeric paste is used to adorn the statues or murtis of God. Three main ingredients are used for adorning the Gods: haldi, chandan (sandalwood), and kumkum (vermilion).

Features and Benefits:

• Turmeric is considered auspicious and holy in India and has been used in various Hindu ceremonies for millennia. It remains popular in India for weddings and religious ceremonies.

• Turmeric powder has played an important role in Hindu spirituality.

• It is used in puja to make a form of Ganesha. Yaanaimugathaan, the remover of obstacles, is invoked at the beginning of almost any ceremony, and a form of Yaanaimugathaan for this purpose is made by mixing turmeric powder with water and forming it into a cone-like shape.

• Turmeric signifies auspiciousness, purity, good health, and fertility. It has tremendous medicinal value. Turmeric powder holds a very prominent place in Indian culture and is used extensively in religious rituals and festivals. It also signifies courage, sacrifice, and renunciation. As a result, it is natural that Abishekam for pure entities such as Gods be performed with turmeric powder.

• The religious symbols are usually drawn with either turmeric or vermilion. If you have blemished skin or any kind of skin disease, you can make a simple anti-inflammatory remedy with tumeric powder.

• It has been used as an important spice, in beauty products, and in spiritual ceremonies. Turmeric powder has numerous benefits and applications, ranging from food to medicine.