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Giri Rose Water | Rose Fragrance/ Gulab Jal/ Gulab Water/ Paneer for Pooja

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• Rose water, or gulab jal, is infused with the alluring essence of rose petals. Its simultaneous sweet floral aroma and soothing properties provides instant refreshment and revitalizes the senses with every spritz.
• Often used in Hindu poojas, it is believed that the fragrance of rose water or gulabari helps to purify the surroundings and create a peaceful atmosphere during the pooja.
• Rose water (Gulab Jal) can be added to a sprinkler and offered to deity as a purification rituals. It can also be added to the Kalash water/ Abhishekam.
• The gentle mist of Panner water for pooja purpose creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for rituals, and guests during marriages and other ceremonies.
• In addition to its symbolic significance, rose water is believed to have natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Its delicate fragrance is believed to uplift the mind, creating a serene atmosphere for the devotees to connect with the divine.