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Giri Pure Champa Ghee Diya | Ghee Wicks/ Diya Batti/ Jyot Batti/ Ghee Cotton Wicks for Pooja

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Pure Ghee diya is a readymade moulded form of cow ghee attached with a wick in the lamp, ready to be lit. Pure Ghee Readymade Diya is made from best quality cow ghee, rendering a pleasant champa fragrance. It can be used during rituals to worship the deities.
Features & Benefits:
• This Readymade Ghee diya is easy to use as the wicks are pre - inserted and the moulded ghee itself acts as a fuel. Save time inserting wicks & oil.
• Made of pure cow ghee, cotton & naturally sourced solidifying agents.
• Ideal for use in temple worship, home, office, or anywhere else, as it is safe for use and hazard-free.
• Leaves minimal residue when compared to normal diyas/agals.
• Synchronises well with the duration of aradhanai & puja.
• Since ghee is obtained from Gomata, it is considered especially sacred when it is used for this purpose.
• The moulded form makes it easily portable for pilgrimages & religious trips. The ghee remains intact for a long time in its shape.