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Giri Puja Pack Set | Pooja Samagri Kit for Rituals

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This Puja pack set can be used for devotional purposes in temples as well as homes. This puja pack set contains manjal, kumkum, vibuti, incense sticks, sambrani, diyas (lamps), etc. It can also be gifted to friends, neighbors, and relatives on any auspicious day. It has a significant role for Hindus. Instead of buying manjal, kumkum, and others separately, use this combination pack to get all your items at lower prices.

Benefits and Features:

• Incense sticks are lit during poojas to maintain positive vibes in the household and keep negativity at bay. According to Hindu scriptures, lighting incense sticks helps maintain positivity in the house. Cotton wick is used worldwide to light oil lamps for meditation and spiritual prayers and add elegance to the home's decor.

• Deepam Pooja Oil is used in prayers, auspicious functions to light lamps for a positive impact on the environment. Clay lamps known as diyas are lit to signify the victory of good over evil. Clay diyas are symbolically lit during prayers, rituals, and ceremonies.

• Vibhuti has certain healing properties that help relieve some illnesses and spirtual power. Many temples and Pooja rooms have this kumkum as a symbol of Lakshmi Kataksha, prosperity, and Hindu rituals and poojas. Turmeric (manjal or haldi), one of the ashta mangala items, is a must in every ritual for development and growth.

• Sandal powder is an important puja item. Sandal paste is used in worshipping deities, especially for applying tilak on the forehead of sacred idols. Kolam plates can be used to decorate the God/Pooja room by placing kolams in front of it. Rangoli/Kolam Powder is an artistic creation on flour in front of main/front door of the home.

• Giri, a renowned supplier of pooja items, pooja samagri, havan samagri, and puja samagri, offers a wide range of high-quality Pul Koorcham and other sacred materials. From Nuni Dharbam to pavitram and koorcham, Giri provides all the essentials for your spiritual practice.