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Giri Thirumangalya Thread | Thali Kayiru/ Saradu/ Murukku Design Manjal Kayiru/ Yellow Colour

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Meenakshi Thirumangalya Thread(thali kayiru) is made of the finest quality thread and turmeric, being one of the most significant symbols of marriages of many Indian cultures. It has been continuing tradition to use Thirumangalya Thread or thali kayiru to tie the knot that is the deciding factor and most important part of a wedding.
Benefits & Features:
• The thali is not an ordinary ornament. It is the most important part of a wedding ceremony in India. In different regions around India, this holy gold thread is named differently. In Southern India, it is known as the thali or thirumangalyam, whereas people in the north call it the mangalsutra.
• Meenakshi Thirumangalya Thread, available in varying thickness, is the one to rely on for the ceremonious occasion of uniting lives. It is worn as a symbol of marital dignity and chastity. Also, it is a promise from a husband to his wife that they will always stay together.
• The thali depicts the union of the husband and the wife and protects them from evil. Therefor, the thali thread or mangalsutra occupies a significant position in Hindu marriages and rituals.