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Devi Vastra - 9 Inches | Satin with Jari Border Lehenga Patka/ Mata Dress for Deity/ Assorted Colour

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• Amman pavadai is the perfectly designed attire for the Goddess Swamy Alankaram.
• A ready-to-wear dress for Goddess idol during rituals and ceremonies.
• Made of soft satin material and has a beautiful, vibrant rendering of colour all over the garment. Witness the Goddess in all her glory, beautifully bedecked with jewels and pavadai.
• Devi Dress makes the viewer's heart fill with piety and fulfilment. Just as we renew our clothing every festive season, the Goddess Idols also need a refreshing and regular change.
• The draping of the new traditional Amman Pavadai is considered auspicious and important.
• Devi Dress is suitable for Amman Idol in seated as well as standing positions. This Velvet Amman Pavadai comes with the required top or blouse too.
• This elegant Devi Dress is mostly used during Varalakshmi pujas and Navaratri days for deities.
• The dress comes in two pieces: one for the upper half of the body and the other for the lower half.
• This beautiful Deity dress is available in different sizes and colours, pick your choice to suit your Deity's requirements.
• This dress for Devi is certain to enhance the Goddess's elegance and grace.
• This auspicious dress for Goddess idols can also be given as a memento to the neighbours and relatives during any rituals and functions.
• Along with Deity dresses, Giri exclusively sells jewels for the Goddess's elegant decoration.
• Visit Giri's website and shop online. Drench yourself immensely in spirituality.