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Chakra with 5 Face Deep - 6 x 4 Inches | Aluminium Lamp/ Silver Polish Vilakku for Pooja/ 155 Gms Approx

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4 inch

6 inch

4 inch


• Start your celebration with our Karthik Deepam, featuring a Shankh Chakra design representing Lord Vishnu, giving a traditional look that fits well for both residential and commercial spaces. An indispensable act of Karthigai Deepam is lighting up the lamp. The Aluminium diya is an auspicious symbol to usher in prosperity and joy.

• Fill the Aluminium diya with oil or ghee and place a cotton wick in the centre. When lit, the lamp emits a warm and inviting glow, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

• The Aluminium lamp's light symbolises the victory of good over evil and is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness into the homes.

• Crafted with Aluminium to withstand heat, the Aluminium lamp is suitable for daily use.

• The simple design of Aluminium deepam makes it easy to clean and maintain.

• Use it in temples and homes during the festival to pay homage to God.

• Makes a popular item for gifting during the festival season like Diwali and Karthiga Deepam. Also a great addition to any home decor and can be used as a centerpiece for festive occasions.

• A beautiful and meaningful item that represents the rich cultural heritage and traditions of India.

• A must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of spirituality and warmth to their homes or to celebrate the festival of lights in a traditional and authentic way.

• Order Aluminium diyas online today and experience the true beauty and serenity!