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Brass Seven Star Deep - 1 x 2 Inches | Brass Lamp/ 7 Star Diya/ Vilakku for Pooja/20 Gms Approx

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2 inch

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In Hindu puja rituals, an oil lamp called a brass mukh deep is used. Mukh Deep is also called as Vaai Deepam or Dheepam. It is made of brass and features a brass spout for pouring oil at the top of a cone-shaped base. A wick that has been dipped in oil and set in the spout is used to light the lamp. Prayers and offerings are made to the Gods using the flame from the wick, which is thought to symbolise their heavenly light. In Hinduism, the brass seven star mukh deep is seen as a fortunate emblem. It is said that lighting the lamp clears the air of negativity and brings luck and wealth. The authentic seven star mukh deep is also thought to improve concentration and mental clarity during prayer and meditation.

Benefits of lighting lamps

•Positive energy: It is thought that the lamp's flame will dispel bad vibes and uplift the atmosphere.

•Enhances spiritual energy: It is thought that the lamp's light increases the spiritual energy around it and facilitates communication with the divine.Lighting the lamp during puja aids in concentration and helps keep the worshipper's attention on the prayers and procedures.

•Enhances inner peace: The lamp's calming light aids in mind-calming and inner serenity.Lighting the lamp is thought to offer clarity of thought and enlightenment.

•The lamp is also seen as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.