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Brass Plate - 18 Inches | Pottu Prath/ Thali Plate for Pooja/ 900 Gms Approx

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18 inch

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18 inch


• The Plate pottu parth is a traditional and auspicious accessory for conducting religious ceremonies and worship.

• This Pooja plate is made of good-quality brass, known for its durability and sacred significance in Hindu rituals.

• The Brass Pooja thali serves as a sacred platform for performing Aarti and offering various items during Puja.

• The brass pooja plate is used to hold a diya (oil lamp) or camphor, which is lit and waved in a circular motion as a mark of respect and devotion to the deity.

• The brass plate is also used to present offerings to the deity, such as Vetrillai pakku, flowers, kumkum, turmeric fruits, sweets, incense sticks, and other auspicious items. These offerings are a way to express gratitude and seek blessings from the divine.

• The primary purpose of the Brass Plate for Keeping Seervarisai is to arrange and display a variety of traditional items used during weddings, ceremonies, and festive occasions. These items collectively make up the "Seervarisai" or "Seer" in Tamil, which translates to the display of gifts.

• Seervarisai is an essential part of South Indian weddings, where the bride's family presents gifts and offerings to the groom and his family as a gesture of goodwill and to celebrate the union.

• The Puja plate is used to hold and showcase a range of symbolic items, including coconut, fruits, betel leaves, betel nuts, jewelry, clothing, and other gifts that are presented to the groom and his family.

• It offers ample space for arranging the items neatly, while still maintaining a comfortable weight that is easy to handle and pass around during ceremonies or gatherings.

• This Puja thali/Thamboolam makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for weddings, housewarmings, religious ceremonies, or any auspicious occasion.

• It is handy in size and can be given as return gifts during Navaratri days and other auspicious occasions.

• Enhance the elegance of your traditional ceremonies and auspicious occasions with the Brass Fancy Plate."