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Brass Kumkum Pot - 2.5 x 2.25 Inches | Sindoor Pot/ Kumkum Bowl for Pooja/ 30 Gms Approx

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SKU 5250644
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2.25 inch

2.5 inch

1.5 inch



• This Kumkum pot features a compact and portable design. It has a rounded body with a lid that securely fastens to keep the contents safe and prevent spillage.

• This kumkum pot serves a dual purpose of storage and application. It keeps the kumkum powder protected from moisture, sunlight, and other external factors that could affect its quality.

• The brass kumkum dabba makes for an excellent gift choice for various occasions, such as weddings, housewarmings, festivals, or religious ceremonies. Its cultural significance and artistic craftsmanship make it a cherished and memorable present.

• Brass also adds a touch of elegance and richness to the overall design. You may present kumkum with this pot as a part of paying your respects to guests (along with vetrilai pakku) during festive or casual visits.


In Hindu traditions, kumkum is considered auspicious and is applied as a red mark on the forehead or parting of the hair by married women. The brass kumkum pot is an integral part of religious rituals and ceremonies, symbolizing purity, devotion, and prosperity. Kumkum/sindoor/vermillion, a vibrant red powder, is often used in Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies.