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Bala Tripura Sundari Clay Golu Bommai - 8 x 4 Inches | Giri Golu Doll/ Navaratri Golu Bomma/Gombe/Bommai

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• Golu doll is a figurine festival held in South India during Navaratri and Dussehra. 
• It is a set of steps decorated with golu dolls of all shapes and sizes to tell a story about a Hindu or secular cultural issue. 
• To enhance the detailing of the golu, add the bala tripura sundari golu bommai to your golu padi. 
• In Hinduism, Bala Tripura Sundari is a revered goddess, especially in the Shakta style that emphasizes worshiping the Divine Mother, or Goddess. It is possible to deconstruct the name and determine its meaning.
Bala: It is meant to imply "young" or "child". Bala Tripura Sundari is frequently shown as a little child, signifying purity and innocence.
Tripura: This means "three worlds" or "three cities" in translation. It is a representation of the goddess's rule over the material, spiritual, and mental realms.
The term "beautiful" or "graceful" is Sundari. It draws attention to the goddess' exceptional beauty and allure.
• Legend has it that the gods and goddesses joined forces to create Bala Tripura Sundari to counter cosmic threats posed by demons. She manifested as a little child of remarkable beauty and intelligence, representing the untainted and strong energy of Shakti. She was young-looking, yet she was incredibly powerful and knowledgeable; she was the divine force in its most potential and young form.
• Kolu bommai is used in a figurine festival held during the Hindu festival of Navaratri in South India. Golu, a seasonal celebration of Navratri and the Dussehra festival, is a set of steps decorated with kolu Bommais, of all shapes and sizes. 
• Bala Tripura Sundari idol is a traditional Kolu doll, crafted with eco-friendly clay. Each piece is beautifully hand-painted by artisans. 
• Decorate your Kolu Padi with this unique collection of Golu bommais for this Navarathri. 
• A traditional showpiece you simply must have for your home. 
• An excellent gift for festivals such as Navaratri, Diwali, and housewarmings. 
• If you intend to set up a Shaivite / Devi-themed golu, then this kolu bommai is a must-have.