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AF Deep Lady Standing No.2875 6 Inch - 0.420 Kgs

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SKU 52504780
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• This Standing Lady with Deepam is a divine and aesthetically pleasing representation that blends artistic elegance with spiritual symbolism.
• Crafted with precision and care, this Antique finish statue captures the grace of a standing lady holding a deepam (oil lamp), commonly known as Paavai Vilakku in traditional South Indian culture.
• The statue is meticulously crafted from high-quality Brass and adorned with an Antique finish. This not only adds a vintage and antique charm but also enhances the durability of the piece.
• The deepam (oil lamp) held by the standing lady symbolizes the divine light that dispels darkness and ignorance.
• It is a representation of enlightenment, spirituality, and the presence of the divine in one's life.
• The pose of the standing lady exudes elegance and grace. The intricate detailing in her attire, jewelry, and posture reflects the craftsmanship that brings life to the statue.
• Place this statue in your puja room or sacred space to create an atmosphere of spiritual serenity.
• It serves as a focal point for prayers and rituals, enhancing the divine ambiance of your home.
• The Paavai Vilakku, often associated with festive occasions and religious celebrations, becomes a timeless piece that resonates with the cultural and spiritual ethos of South India.
• The antique finish not only adds character to the statue but also protects it from tarnishing, ensuring a long-lasting and radiant appearance.
• The Statue makes for a thoughtful and culturally significant gift for housewarmings, weddings, or any occasion that calls for divine blessings.
• Bring the divine presence and cultural richness of South India into your home with the Standing Lady.
• May the divine light illuminate your surroundings with peace, spirituality, and positive energy.