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Shawls - 2.25 Mtrs | Prince Shawl/ Ponnadai Shawl for Men & Women

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2.25 inch


• In many cultures, including many indigenous tribes, Ponnadai Jari Shawls are highly valued articles of apparel that are often worn as a sign of honor, respect, or reverence.

• During ceremonies, festivals, or significant occasions, they may be given to or draped over someone to express gratitude, recognition, or to represent a specific rank or role.

• These designer shawls are frequently exquisitely decorated with significant patterns, hues, or symbols and given as a token of respect and appreciation.

• Depending on the cultural or ceremonial context in which it is used, the idea of an "honouring shawl" may change.

• To comprehend the meaning and proper application of such shawls within a specific community or occasion, it is usually best to study specific cultural practises or local traditions.

• This toned fabric shawl gives an elegant look, and it is also used as a multi-purposed cloth.