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Shawl - 2.25 Mtrs | Kalpana Ponnadai Shawl/ Angavastra for Men

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2.25 inch


View our selection of elegant and traditional Shawls. Our vivid shawls with traditional and religious designs are woven with careful care, and they may be used for a variety of occasions, such as welcoming guests, draping idols or deities during puja, or enhancing your golu padi decor. This lavish piece of jewellery radiates beauty and elegance, making it the ideal addition to any outfit.

Product Features:

• Crafted from the finest quality material, the shawl pictured here features jari design. The rich colour adds a touch of regality to your attire, making it ideal for auspicious ceremonies and cultural festivities.

• The ethical silk fabric used in this shawl is known for its exceptional softness, ensuring a luxurious drape. It has a smooth texture that further accentuates its premium quality, enhancing the overall look of the area of decor with its inherent sheen.

• Measuring generously, the shawl provides ample coverage. Its versatile dimensions make it suitable for various decor techniques, during festivals & puja.

• The intricate detailing adds a touch of sophistication and makes the shawl a true work of art.

• Whether you're attending religious ceremonies, weddings, or cultural gatherings, the Shawl is a must-have accessory. It makes for a perfect gift for loved ones, cherished for years to come, as a symbol of cultural pride and tradition.

• Experience the beauty and grandeur of the Shawl, a timeless accessory that combines craftsmanship and style to enhance your puja and traditional occasions.

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