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Saree - 9.5 Yards | Kalyani Saree/ Rudraksha Kattam Border Traditional Saree for Women

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9.5 inch


• The Rudraksha Kattam Kalyani Collection's sarees are all beautifully created by talented artisans who use their knowledge and artistry to bring the Indian ethnic wear (traditional wear) to life. Every little detail, from fine stitching to complex weaving, reveals a labour of love and a dedication to upholding ancient customs.

• Enjoy the luxury of fine fabrics that have been carefully chosen to provide comfort, drape, and elegance, such as soft chiffon, rich silk, and opulent Indian ethnic wear (traditional wear). Wearing a saree from Kalyani Temple is an amazing experience due to the luxurious feel of these materials against the skin.

• The intricate patterns and heavenly symbols found in Indian temples serve as inspiration for our sari designs, which have a vast and ethereal quality. Symbolic themes, conventional boundaries, and intricate patterns combine to produce sari. It can be worn for festivals and traditional ocassions.