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Universal abundance

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Universal Abundance

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Universal Abundance reveals the possibility of human potential and its extraordinary bounties. It helps us to align ourselves to the cosmic design in order to leverage universal intelligence and in that process enable us to enjoy the fruits of its holistic abundances.  The book categorises man into five important personalities – namely Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Personalities, without treading into the realms of religion. It dwells deeply into the fascinating elements of the first four personalities – their driving forces, their compelling demands, their victories and defeats that draw us to life’s multi-various flavours. Finally, it elucidates on how we can use these four personalities to rise above and align our lives on to the empowering fifth personality – the Spiritual one, in order to lead a life of unmatched abundance in all that we do. Essentially, Universal Abundance contemporises ancient wisdom for the modern man and will act as a key to the door that will allow divine manifestations into human realities.

Additional Information

Author Bharath Cola
Binding Soft Bound
Language English
Pages 112
ISBN 978-81-7950-660-8
Publisher Giri
Height (Inches) 9
Width (Inches) 6
Depth (Inches) 1

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