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Sastras suggests that women shall apply Kumkuma on the forehead for longer marital bliss and healthiness of their progeny. This Kumkuma is prepared from handpicked turmeric and other natural substances in right proportions that gives the dark red colour shade. The unique aroma comes out only in the blend of turmeric and the natural extract of thazhampoo (Pine flower) essence. Thazampoo in any form is associated with Sri Lakshmi and the aroma brings the fortune and Lakshmi Kataksha. Performing Archana using this Kumkuma to the female deities - Sri Lakshmi, Sri Durga and Sri Saraswathi brings blessings in abundance. Offering Kumkuma to sumangalis, sukanyas during Navaratri and during auspicious occasions is a tradition.
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Width (Inches) 8
Depth (Inches) 1
Height (Inches) 9
Net Weight 1.1023
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