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Temple Umbrella - Velvet 19 Inch

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19 inch


• Introducing the Jaana Vaasa Kudai, also known as the Deity Umbrella, a sacred and ornate accessory that adds a touch of grandeur and reverence to your deity worship. This colourful umbrella serves as a divine canopy, symbolizing protection, grace, and auspiciousness.
• The Jaana Vaasa Kudai is designed specifically for adorning deities during religious ceremonies and festive occasions. It is made with meticulous attention to detail, using high-quality materials to ensure its beauty and durability. The umbrella is adorned with intricate patterns, traditional motifs, and exquisite embroidery, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions.
• This magnificent Deity Umbrella is available in various sizes to suit different deities and altars. It is typically crafted from richly colored fabric, such as silk or satin, adding a regal touch to the overall ambiance. The vibrant hues and shimmering embellishments enhance the visual appeal and create a captivating aura around the deity.
• Beyond its aesthetic charm, the Jaana Vaasa Kudai holds profound spiritual significance. It represents the protective shelter provided by the divine forces to the deity, symbolizing their loving care and guardianship. The umbrella is believed to shield the deity from negative influences and ensure their well-being, creating a sacred space for worship and devotion.
• During religious processions or festive celebrations, the Jaana Vaasa Kudai becomes a focal point, carried above the deity with great reverence. It serves as a visual spectacle, evoking a sense of awe and devotion in the hearts of the devotees. The presence of this sacred umbrella adds to the sanctity and grandeur of the entire ceremony.
• Embrace the divine grace and elevate your deity worship with the Jaana Vaasa Kudai. Allow its beauty, craftsmanship, and spiritual symbolism to enrich your spiritual journey.