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Sri Muruga with Valli and Devasana, is made out of brass metal, carved beautifully by the Expert Sculptor as per shastra and imagination. Adorning various ornaments Sri Muruga, Valli and Devasena seen in Ekasana (One base). Sri Muruga is seen with varadha and Abaya hasta, his vahana Mayura and Naga at his feet, with his hand holding Vajra (Chendu a weapon) and Soola. Sri Valli and Devasana are portrayed at equal heights, symbolising Icha and Kriya Shakthis and Sri Muruga (Gnana Shakti), the supreme knowledge. Ideal for installing in newly constructed temples. More of satvic in nature, the Muruga Statue gives us peace, calmness, clarity in thought and speed in action. Doing Archana with Subhramanya Ashtothra namavali, with Sri vala and Devasena Asthothram gets the desires fullfilled. Worshipping Lord Muruga with Naga at his feet, malefic effects Sarpa Dosha gets nullified.
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Depth (Inches) 4
Width (Inches) 9
Net Weight 6.0517
Height (Inches) 9
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