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Sri Ardhanareeswara, the truth that lies in every sentient and non-sentient of the creation and beyond, symbolising the unified form (Yet with difference) of Purusha. The vigraha is a creation depicted by Shilpa Sastra and Agamas. The right portion portrayed has Sri Shiva with two hands one holding a angusa and other hand below giving abhaya mudra, with Jata mukuta (matted hair) and ear-ring of a serpant (sarpa kundala), with the sharp narrow eye and eye-brow with slightly bent. The other half the left portion is of Shakti having female features - with her hand laying on her bend hip, the attire, the kundala (earring) and the bigger eye and with fully bent eyebrow are clearly depicted. Worshipping Sri Ardha-nari-eswara, one gets the supreme knowledge and liberation. This vigraha is a utsava moorthy and can be given to temples or can be worshipped at houses also.
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Material Brass
Depth (Inches) 2.5
Width (Inches) 3
Net Weight 1.1905
Height (Inches) 7
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